The mission of the Cedar Grove Education Foundation (CGEF) is to enrich and enhance the educational experiences of Cedar Grove students above and beyond the scope of the regular curriculum and to provide lifelong learning opportunities for the entire community. To this end, the CGEF will solicit funding, goods, services, and/or talents from corporate, community, and government sources.

The Cedar Grove Education Foundation is established as a broad based, non-profit community organization organized for the following charitable and educational purposes:

1) To foster supportive and private sector relationships to service the educational interests and needs of the students and citizenry of Cedar Grove, New Jersey;

2) To serve as a catalyst to support and enhance school improvement programs that heighten learning opportunities for children and adults;

3) To provide grants to organizations that qualify as exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or any successor statute for the purpose of developing innovative programs and activities in math, science and technology, fine and performing arts, language, culture, and other educational needs;

4) To provide grants to Cedar Grove educational staff members to initiate quality projects consistent with the goals of the Foundation and to bring positive attention to the community